A Hairy Question

Sometimes I title the post before writing it, and then I have to stop and cringe for a moment.


I go through periods of wearing contacts and periods of just wearing glasses. Whenever I get contacts anew, I have an overwhelming desire to grow some sort of facial hair. I don't know why, exactly. It's mostly curiosity to see how it would look, I suppose.

This time I decided to go all out and see if I could grow a full beard. Today is day 10 without shaving, and I think it's time to decide whether to allow this monstrous experiment to continue or stop before I further humiliate myself.

I think the main problem is a mixture of different colored hairs that result in a look of sparse scruff. Or maybe I just need to give it more time. So your question is, do I get rid of it, go with something more minimal like a goatee (not being Tom Selleck, I am not going to get away with a mustache alone), or give it up and revert to my usual clean-shaven, respectable self?


I'm thinking you should shave.
Jen said…
I vote goatee. It adds some good texture. Either that or mutton chops <-- JOKE, please don't.
Joel said…
I decided I was done with it, so I shaved Sunday. Then my mom, of all people, told me she thought the beard actually looked good on me. Go figure.

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