Two Bits a Gander

When we moved a few months ago, I left a few boxes packed. They just have all the junk that I can’t quite bring myself to throw out but never need. Among these are a few items of obsolete electronics. I like to think that one day I’ll show them to children and grandchildren, who will be amazed and amused that we had all these different implements to do what their one tiny all-in-one device does far better.

I call this collection my “museum of outdated electronics.” It’s really not much, but I don’t have a lot of use anymore for a 35mm camera (and an Advantix one too), super thin portable CD player, and even a minidisc player. It all still works, too, but it’s not worth a dime anywhere.

What else should I add to my museum? I’m thinking in terms of my own lifetime, so I’m not going to try to get ahold of UNIVAC or anything.


Anonymous said…
A few years ago John finally gave up his Commadore stuff. And my Mom still has 2 Apple classics!
Jer said…
Stuff in my collection:

- An analog cell phone with no camera, no text messages, etc.

- A minidisc player and about 10,000 discs

- Several BNC network cards (run off coax cable like tv cable)

- CRT Monitors

- A couple of rotary-dial phones

- An answering machine

- A personal cassette recorder

- A boombox

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