Embarrassing Experience #2,641

Yesterday we were sitting in church, in sacrament meeting, during the passing of the sacrament (so the most quiet part of the meeting, which in our ward has more than 400 people attending), when someone’s phone began to ring. It went on for several seconds, and I started looking around to see why nobody was silencing it. It sure sounded close. Just to make sure I wasn’t responsible, I put my hand down and covered my pocket. The sound got quieter. I released my hand, and it got louder again. Mortified, I ran for the exit, all the while trying to push buttons while the phone was in my pocket, hoping it would stop.

When I got outside, I saw that the music player itself had somehow started, selecting a random song. That explained why I didn’t recognize what was happening, because it isn’t a ringtone or notification on my phone. And it wasn’t even a song I’m overly familiar with. But there are many reasons why this should never have happened. 1. I have an app which automatically silences my phone during church hours, and it was (supposedly) functioning. 2. The phone was in my pocket, and I wasn’t moving at the time, just sitting quietly. 3. It’s a capacitive touchscreen, meaning it should only react to contact with my skin, not the fabric of clothing. 4. In order for the phone to turn on, I have to push a button on the top of the phone, then swipe my finger across the screen. 5. Even if it were turned on in that manner, the phone was locked and would have required typing in a password to gain access to anything. 6. Finally, even if the phone were turned on and unlocked, it would have had to change screens to where my music app is located to turn it on.

Sorry for the boring description, but I had to show that it really, really should never have happened.


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