Things I Wish I Had Said Louder

When I was on the parkway behind the house the other day with Dortmunder, a group of cyclists rode by. One of them said, "Taking your cat for a walk?" As they rode off, he laughed as though he had said the funniest thing in the world. I responded by saying, "Yep. Taking your mouth for a ride?" But I didn't say it loud enough for them to hear it, and now I regret it.


Ann said…
I am so amused by what some people think is SO funny :)
joel said…
If it amuses you, doesn't that mean they were right?
Ann said…
ha ha ha...not necessarily. :) More amused at how very "small" small minds can be. :) By the way, Mary must have what Allison has. Diapers this week have been terrifying. :)

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