Yes, This Is a Spider Post

Sleep is a cruel mistress. Last night I got as close to 8 hours as I have in months (at least on a work night), and I feel as tired as ever. Anyway, on to the post proper.

*disclaimer* I promise I'm not going to turn this into a blog all about spiders (Amanda, you might as well stop reading now) but I thought this was interesting.

First of all, Shelob disappeared with the advent of cool, wet weather last week. But up in her corner above our door yesterday I noticed a giant wolf spider, which I removed because we were just beginning to enjoy full use of the back door again.

And then I was walking with the kids yesterday when we came upon this strange creature:

I've seen a lot of creepy crawlies in my day, but never anything quite like that. I decided to call it a zebra spider, although I think it's another species of orb weaver. Anyway, it seems like just moving a few miles south of Salt Lake has opened up a whole new entomological world.


Lizzy said…
I have this burning desire now to post pictures of all the different spiders and bugs we've encountered over the years after we moved a few (thousand) miles from SLC.
Especially of the most massively ugly spider that makes the most beautiful web.
Hmmm, I should start seeing those any day now. They like to make their webs on our windows (the outside not inside) during the fall. Guess the heat from the windows helps them, as well as attracting bugs.
Jen said…
GROSS. What is it?? It's like a hermit spider. How big was it? SICK. have you seen those giant snails in FL? I am so repulsively drawn to them.
joel said…
It looks like a species called the "banded orb weaver." It was pretty good sized. Weird but fascinating.
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