As any parent can tell you, disgust is inflationary. After cleaning up a certain amount of bodily fluids, which I will refer to as the “gag bypass threshold” (or GBT), it takes a lot to really gross you out anymore. Change poopy diapers? Yawn. Clean up vomit? Snore. Wiping runny noses? Seriously, I’ll eat a sandwich while I do that. So it’s not often that I find a new disgusting experience that bothers me.

So much for foreshadowing. This week Allison has had some stomach bug that has left her with little appetite and uncharacteristically loose bowels. This morning I was up with her and changed a diaper (actually two) that could only be described as “demonic.” It’s been years since I had to suppress my gag reflex, but I seriously had to hold my breath to keep from losing my breakfast. It was just plain evil. I threw the diapers into the outside garbage can immediately, but the smell still lingered in the house, lingering as though only an exorcism would help. It was truly the stuff nightmares are made of.


Jen said…
This was funny. You really piqued my curiosity but unfortunately this superhuman tolerance is conditional only to one's own kids. I have a friend who continues to put poop pictures (of her kids') on her blog and to that i say, NO NO NO.

Also, this made me laugh: "Wiping runny noses? Seriously, I’ll eat a sandwich while I do that." Concur.
joel said…
Wow, pictures? That is crossing the line. I guess I could sort of see a guy doing it, if he had a kid when he was young.

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