Okay, I've got a problem. There are two kittens hanging around out on the side of the parkway near our house. They are tiny, just that really cute fun age where they are pretty irresistible.

I like cats. Part of me wants to take them in, because it's turning cold, and they would not survive the winter outdoors. But another part of me says a), I already have a cat (who was none too friendly when he saw the kittens anyway), and b) I have enough on my plate in general without adding two more pets to the clan.

On the other hand, we kept two stray kittens when I was about 9, and they were our family pets growing up, so there is precedent there.

I actually tried to catch them last night but could only get one, and I figured they'd survive better together, so I left them both for the time being. Anyway, I've been leaving them some food and will see how things go tonight. Any opinions on what I should do? Does anybody want a cat?


Jer said…
I have a gun you can borrow...
Jen said…
dang, too bad i'm too late on this one. my mom is always looking for a cat to "accidentally wander into her kitchen right where an open can of catfood might be." Now that i live far away, she no longer has me as her scapecat-- the person who she secretly commissions to find a cat, bring it home, and then take the blame for it, as if this was the first she'd heard of it.
joel said…
That's too bad! But I'll be sure to let you know if they turn up again.

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