You Think You Can

I must say, one of my favorite things about parenthood is the placebo effect. However much your kids may doubt you, they will still believe you when you say, "This will make the pain go away." I use it often when Sam is having some sort of meltdown. My favorite example is when I gave him grape juice in a medicine cup and told him it would help him calm down. And it worked. Seriously, the brain is amazing.


Jen said…
And years from now when he is old, he will have a calming happy association with grape juice. Like how my dad would rub mentholatum on our chest when we woke up in the night. Were we sick? no. did we have trouble breathing? no. He did it and we'd be like, ah, that's better. and go back to bed. And now, that weird nasty stuff still smells kinda nice to me.
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