But It Ups My Adrenaline

Creepy: Being out alone in the woods at night.

Creepier: Being out along in the woods at night, and seeing sets of glowing eyes.

So I hesitate to do another running post so soon, since I know how exciting you all find it, but this is more about the environment than the running itself. For the most part I use the Jordan River Parkway that runs behind our house, but in the winter it’s dark on the weekdays when I go. So most of the time I go around the neighborhood, but last night I decided to brave the creepy darkness of the parkway.

Most of the area where I run has no houses bordering the trail, so it’s trees and wetlands. And, while there aren’t exactly bears and cougars roaming around the area, I still hear plenty of rustling in the bushes. And then there are the eyes, shining out of the darkness where my headlamp lights the way, and it ratchets up the creepiness another notch. Usually they are just cats, but last night I saw several deer walking around a campground. While deer are far from scary, they were still large shapes moving around in the darkness with glowing eyes.

I think I’ll stick to the neighborhood. At least I can enjoy the Christmas lights.


Jen said…
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You need to know this ” Like Kate mentioned in an earlier post, I find it amazing that this book was a bestseller.

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