You Know You're a Parent When...

… getting 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep feels like you just spent a week relaxing on the beach.

… you’re content finishing a plate of food that someone else started.

… cleaning up bodily fluids is no worse than wiping up spilled milk.

… silence is your favorite sound.

… going to the store by yourself is a luxury.

… every TV show or movie you enjoy is suddenly full of unacceptable sex, violence, and bad language.

… the shoulders of all your shirts/jackets become permanently dirty.

… your fridge contains an inordinate number of hot dogs.

What else?


Ann said… unabashedly hold up a child's bum to your nose, to see if they're poopy or not.
Lizzy said… wonder why no one has ever published The Toddler Diet Book. You put your food on your plate, have toddler steal some, and you get what's left.

Okay seriously ReCaptcha has gone insane. I have no idea how to do the letter o with that symbol that looks like an upside down v over it.
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