Just a Gumdrop?

Sometimes when I am tired I say extra strange things. Today I asked a coworker what he was eating, and he said, "Just a gumdrop."

Here is how I replied. "Just a gumdrop? You're talking about one of the great foundational creations of the American confectionary industry, upon whose shoulders stand such giants as Jelly Bellies and gummy worms! So show some respect!"

The funny thing is that I don't even really care about gumdrops one way or the other.


Jen said…
did you really say that? It's a pretty well-structured sentence for just on the spot.

I just wanna know.

but also, it's true. even if people don't love gumdrops, they deserve recognition and reverence. plus their name is just so happy. gumdrop! :D
joel said…
It was a written comment in an IM conversation, but it was spontaneous.
Jen said…
Alright then.

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