Waking Up

I posted not long ago about dreams and the point of diminishing returns. In fact, I mentioned the specific “dream” I am now looking at. I finally decided (again) that I want to run a marathon, specifically the Provo City Marathon next May. I chose it because you can register up to the day of the race, so if I get injured while training I won’t have to waste the registration money.

Anyway, I have been running longer runs in preparation, and last Saturday I did 15 miles for the first time. I’ve always loved running, even though it’s exercise, but now I find myself in the difficult position of not entirely looking forward to these really long runs.

So what is it worth to accomplish my goal? What if it costs me my enjoyment of running? If you get so deeply involved into something that it loses its fun, you are basically going from a hobby to a career. Ha!

I think I will stick with my plan for a few more weeks, at least. Maybe last week was just a fluke, and I’ll be all good to go from here on. But if it starts to become a chore, maybe I’ll have to abandon the dream in favor of a lifetime of enjoyment.


Jen said…
Maybe what you need to do is picture yourself winning the marathon every time you run. Perhaps construct yourself a medal? Or set up tape for you to run through? Man, even running is starting to sound fun to me...
Karah said…
If time is money you've made me a weltaiher woman.

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