It's usually pretty easy to spot unwanted email, not only because you don't recognize the sender but because (at least for me) certain words in the title set off a little red warning light in your brain. these words include "special offer," "free," "exciting," "opportunity," and "win."

I wonder if these words will eventually change their meaning because of the negative connotation they are acquiring by this use. We're already so cynical as a people that the words "special offer" always seem like a scam. I would never tell a friend, "Hey, I've got a special offer for you!"

On the other hand, spammers are continually changing tactics. Now they run words together and use other symbols that trick the eye into viewing it as the same word but without getting caught by the spam filter. So maybe this will never happen.

All I know is I want to impose the death penalty for anyone who generates the stuff.


Jeremiah said…
I hate the phrase "You've Won!".. it always gives me the jibblies

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