Universal Wealth Care

This morning in the shower I was thinking about health care. (Incidentally, I find the shower , and the bathroom in general, to be the best places to think. If anyone ever gets writer's block, they really should take a nice long shower.) People want a universal health care system, but that comes at a price. It add a socialist element to our economy, for one thing. The single guy who never goes to the doctor ends up paying some of the cost of his neighbor's children's braces. It's forcing economic equality on us all, and in a sense denying our right to keep our money for ourselves. People think it's "free," but they simply have the money taken away before they can decide how to spend it. In addition, with the government's finger in the pie even more than it is now, competition could potentially be stifled, which could result in fewer medical breakthroughs.

No, the government paying for health care is not the answer. What we really need to do is stop suing every pharmaceutical company and doctor we can lay our hands on. From what I understand, malpractice insurance is ridiculously expensive. Of course doctors are going to pass that cost on to us—they have to eat, don't they? Plus, it's ths patients who are taking the money away from them in the first place. In addition, there are so many lawsuits regarding drugs that it almost seems like nobody will be making them anymore. No wonder prescriptions cost so much—these companies are paying millions of dollars to settle class-action suits because their pill may or may not have caused some other disease. (Heads up people: every pill cures one thing and causes another. The best you can hope for is to choose the symptoms you will live with.)

There are certainly cases of deliberate incompetence in the health industry, and in such cases reparations must be made. But I'm convinced that only a small fraction of the lawsuits out there are a result of legitimate complaints.

Here's the bottom line: let's stop being jerks. Boom. That simple. Stop trying to get something for nothing, because that settlement check is coming out of your own pocket. As some very wise men once said: "Be excellent to each other."


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