Relaxation Technique

This morning I was reminded of the joy of using a bar of soap for the first time. It really is one of life's little joys. So I thought I'd compile a short list (in no particular order) of other little joys of life:

Putting on a brand new pair of socks
Fixing something using improvised tools
Tying my tie at the perfect length
Eating a perfect french fry
Making an especially witty comment, even just to myself
Answering the phone to find it's the person I was just about to call
Grilling meat
The feeling of being done exercising
Cool sand sifting through my fingers
The smell of cut grass
Putting on a freshly ironed shirt

Thinking about these things actually seemed to relax me. Try it. Also, you may notice that I haven't put anything on here like spending time with my family. That's because that belongs in the big joys of life category.

So what are yours?


Jeremiah said…
An unexpected phone call from someone you'd really like to talk to
The feel of your pillow first thing in the morning
The moment just before something really good happens, and you're just noticing it is going to happen
knowing that your little joys are probably your big ones, too
Brooke said…
The smell of a campfire.
Crisp morning air.
Recently chapsticked lips.
Mail that isn't bills.
Finding just the right word to use to express what I want.
Doing well at Jeopardy.
A smile from my nieces and nephews.
Fuzzy, warm socks on a cold day.
How snow sparkles when light hits it just right.

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