Have you ever noticed how inanimate objects, and even intangible constructs, seem to have a personality? Obviously, it's just the way we react to things, but take the days of the week, for example. most people would say Friday has a little party hat on and a swimming suit under its slacks. Monday trudges in to the office bleary-eyed with a cup of decaf. Tuesday sits there daydreaming of far-away Friday. Wednesday sighs and gets its nose to the grindstone. Thursday also works hard and tries to keep itself from thinking about Friday. Saturday is wearing shorts and a hawaiian shirt, sipping cool tropical drinks from a coconut shell. And Sunday is scatterbrained, but laid back, wearing shorts and a necktie, at a loss as to what it should do with itself.

At least, that's how it seems to me. Cars are another obvious example. What else can you think of that has a personality but shouldn't?


trb48 said…
I had a teacher in high school that swore up and down (figuratively that is) that copiers had a personality. We had two at my high school, a Xerox and something else. He said that he would talk lovingly to the copiers when they had problems. He said that was helpful. I have tried it a few times as I have worked with computers, it seems to help.
Jen said…
musical notes, for sure. but that is way too nerdy to go into...

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