Miscellaneous Etcetera Incorporated

Wouldn't it be fun to be able to hire somebody to do those little jobs around the house that you either can't do or hate to do? You could probably start a company like that. That would allow conversations like the following to take place:

"Hello, is this Miscellaneous, Etc. Inc.?"
"It sure is, ma'am. What can I do for you?"
"I'm having trouble opening this jar of pickles. Can you have somebody come help me?"
"Sure thing, ma'm. We'll have someone there in a jiffy."

Wouldn't that be great? You could call somebody to get that box off the top shelf in your pantry without having to use a stool and risk breaking your leg. You could get someone to take out the garbage if you couldn't get your husband to do it. For a small monthly fee, you could get a certain number of visits. There would be a time limit of 5 minutes per visit, though. You wouldn't want to end up having to mow people's lawns.

What little things would you call MEI for?


Jen said…
Hey Joel. I'm a friend of Brooke's. :)

I would SO hire somebody to scoop out my ice cream for me. I hate, but I HATE getting ice cream on my knuckles, which i always do. Aaaagghhh it makes me want to scratch out my eyeballs.

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