Dude, Look! Like, a Lady!

I was thinking about how there is an Academy Award category for best actor and one for best actress. But there aren’t two gender-specific categories for best makeup artist or best director. Is acting really something women and men can’t compete in fairly?

I understand how there are separate men’s and women’s Olympic events, at least when it comes to things like weightlifting or gymnastics. I wonder about things like tennis, though. Can a female professional tennis player not compete fairly with a male professional player? What about golf?

The funny thing to me is that some people are going to significant lengths to blur the lines between genders. It’s only a matter of time before a man surgically altered to become a woman tries to get into women’s sports, thinking he can easily beat the other women. For centuries, even millennia, women were denied equality with men. Now, in some cultures, things are finally becoming more or less equal. But we hang on to some of these strange differentiations, thinking that a male and female actress can’t compete as apples and apples, which seems especially strange in liberal Hollywood.

I guess these are strange thoughts. But what else would you expect from a guy?


Jen said…
that's a very interesting point you bring up. i'll think about it for a while. maybe the reason why they have both female & male best actor categories is to make the eterni-oscars even longer and more boring.

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