Pre-Owned Furniture Emporium

I think every neighborhood has one of these spots. It all starts innocently enough when someone putting an old desk out by the curb with a sign saying "Free!" Then someone adds an old washing machine. Pretty soon it blossoms into this crime against civilization:
I'm so proud to live in this neighborhood.


Jen said…
ha ha. what the? i can't believe people do that. around here, you can leave your stuff on the curb and if no one picks it up, the garbage people will.

along with that, i feel great satisfacation when someone takes something we no longer want. I feel like we're helping continuing the legacy of that piece of furniture.

"so long, crusty side table that WE found on the curb.. may you be of good use to someone new..."
Jar said…
hey, so THAT's where she put all my stuff!

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