I’m trying to decide if I’m a night person or a morning person. I don’t have a problem waking up or getting out of bed, but I don’t just keel over at 9 p.m. either. Is this another case of how labeling people doesn’t really work? Is labeling someone a labeler just another label? Label is one of those words that sounds weird the more you think about it.

This stream of consciousness is brought to you by the letter Z, or the lack thereof.


Jen said…
label is totally sounded weird. umm... labeling is ok as long as you're sure and the person calls themselves that as well. :) yes, that's the rule, that i just made up. but it's not necessary to label. sometimes people don't fall into any/either category like the night/morning person thing. and that is ok.
Buckholts said…
After being bored I logged on to your blog. In comment to this particular post.... I think you are a morning person. The reason is, most of your posts are posted early in the morning. We are not even up by that time. (Lazy lazy lazy us). Your blog is very smart and funny. It reminds me of you. Check out our family blog sometime. -Heidi (Buckholts) Bell

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