Potential Energy

I’m convinced that I have some undiscovered talent that would make me the best in some field or other. I guess that’s one reason to try everything you can, because that way you have a better chance of finding it. It could be some sport, or artistic medium, or simply the ability to wear a beard of bees without getting stung. Whatever it is, I know that if I can only discover it, my financial worries will be over.

Does anybody else ever think about this? If not, maybe the wondering itself is my talent, which would be very sad.

By the way, this is my 151st post. So, to whoever doubted my ability to write that many posts about nothing, Pbth!


Jen said…
hi, i'm a comment nazi.

here are a few things I am particularly good at:

1- i know all the state capitals. I guess anyone can do this but who else has retained this knowledge since they first learned it in 8th grade? I made it a goal, at age 14.

2- I am remarkably good at discerning colors.

3- I type freakishly fast. Know someone who's fast? I'm faster.

some day, i know that i will participate in something extraordinary involving all 3 of these things.
Jar said…
Hey, I'll help with the bees thing. Maybe my hidden talent is to be able to call the paramedics really fast.

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