Geeky or Geriatric?

I must be getting older, because I’ve started using my shirt pocket to actually carry things on occasion. Well, maybe that’s not so much a sign of getting older as it is a sign of getting nerdier. Either way, it’s slightly depressing.
Wait a minute. Maybe there are some parallels here. Old people and nerdy people both wear their pants high. They stereotypically wear glasses, have health problems, and like bland food.
Sometimes I’m so insightful that it’s scary.


Jar said…
Ok, before you dig yourself in deeper, let a real nerd respond:

1) I don't wear my pants high. That's an "old-school" nerd thing. Contemporary nerds can't get their belts above their bellies.

2) Ok, I wear glasses, but my prescription is so thin that I can't buy the frames I want sometimes because the lenses won't stay in.

3) The only health problems modern nerds have are cholesterol related.

4) Bland food? Please refer back to points 1 and 3.

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