Mr. Stapler

I have the greatest electric stapler I use at work. At first I thought it was a weird luxury, but I really do staple a lot of things during the day. So when mine stopped working the other day, I was saddened and distressed. But it's back up and running today, after I tinkered with it (no, it was not just unplugged). Maybe I should name it. What's a good name for a stapler?


Jen said…
off the top of my head...

Mr. Stick-it. maybe that's better for tape?

Mr. Stapleson/Stapleton (<-- would work well if you had to replace him and then could name the others.. Mr. Stapleton III, for example)

Jaws of Death

Stew/Steve/Stan the Stapler
Nathan Mulford said…
Johnny Be Staple
Baron Von Meistersinger
Robert Sandstrom
Harold Butcher
Larry Devonshire
Jim Baxtor
or something ordinary like
The Staplenator
Joel said…
Larry Devonshire sounds right, for some irrational reason. But Mr. Stapleton is good, too...
Kaitlyn said…
Rename it Phil Jackson.

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