Bubblegum, Bubblegum, in a Dish...

I’m not a very decisive person. I can usually see both sides of an issue, and sometimes it makes it really hard for me to make a decision. An I’m not just talking about big ethical dilemmas here. I often can’t decide what shirt to put on. So I’d like to think that I’m just a thoughtful, deliberate person, but deep down I suspect it’s something far less profound.

So how do you make decisions? Do you carefully weigh the pros and cons, the risks and potential benefits? Or do you go by your gut feelings? Do your decision-making methods differ if it’s a life-altering decision?


Jen said…
I'm all over the place. I can take a while to decide on something mundane like what i want to order at a restaurant. And then at the last possible second, when i can't take the ridiculousness anymore, I end up spastically choosing some random item i hadn't even been deliberating. This tactic provides some fun spontaneity and i'm usually always pleased with what i end up with.
Calee said…
I'm exactly like you in making decisions. Yesterday at my piano lesson my teacher wanted me to decide what piece to play at a future recital and so she played a few songs for me to choose from. I couldn't decide at all and ended up taking a whole book home to help me decide.

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