Police Beat

A few nights ago I was awakened by what sounded like small explosions outside. There were police cars down the street, and I wondered if there was shooting. A few days later we found out that the police were trying to arrest someone who had multiple warrants out on them, so they broke the door down and threw in stun grenades, and then went in and got him.
So I suppose that was better than shooting, and it's not like that guy had been living here for very long, but it still makes me want to stay behind locked doors.
Does anybody out there have any interesting stories about a brush with the law?


Kevin Lloyd said…
Remember when we were playing DC stickball and I knocked the ball o' shrink wrap into the middle of the street where it conveniently landed on the hood of the police cruiser that just happened to drive by at the precise time? That was fun...good times.
Jen said…
joel, where do i start? i have so many stories about my run-ins with the law but i don't have time right now. But i have some good ones. Ok, one includes my sister and i on a round-about and a police cruiser pulls up and starts to merge onto it in front of us--RIGHT in front of us. As we passed i gave him the thumbs up and he pulled us over and lectured me on my sass.. and also my sister's expired plates. Sorry sis. Anyway, i have a weird problem with authority. Especially when the authority is being stupid. But those are stories for another day...

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