There seems to be a surprisingly large number of people who don’t care for their name. If you could choose any name for yourself (first, last, or both), what would it be? Try to think of something more original than Max Power. Personally, I’d go with the first name “Doctor.” That commands automatic respect. Imagine a 7-year-old sitting in school. His teacher is calling the roll on the first day and says, “Doctor Johnson.” Tell me that wouldn’t be great for your self-esteem.


Jen said…
i always thought "McCool" was the best last name in all the land. Oooh, i seethe with envy.
Krista said…
All I require is that parents spell a name correctly. I had a girl come to the clinic where I work and her name was Xela. Now, I can't be alone in thinking it was pronounced "Zeela",right? Well, it's actually "Sheila" as the mother snobbishly corrected me. If you wanted to name her Sheila then you should have spelled it right. Dumb parents.
Anonymous said…
Hey Joel,
It's Calee. This is by-far one of my favorite posts. I was laughing hysterically!
LeeElle said…
I actually love my name. LeeElle only has two letters and if you write in all in lowercase cursive it's a bunch of loops! I do miss my maiden name-Jex, it's just cool.

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