I Toast, therefore I Am (Unoriginal)

Here’s something I have been wondering about toasters. Does anybody anywhere actually turn the browning knob even halfway up? I have never turned the knob more than maybe a quarter of the way. I have a feeling that if I were to turn it all the way up, something dreadful would happen, like I would be transported to a parallel universe, or my toaster would go into meltdown or something. So, if nobody uses their toaster at full power, why do the manufacturers make them that way? It’s like having a car that can drive at 200 mph. You know you’re never going to get a chance to drive it that fast, so it’s sort of a waste of potential.


The Kyles said…
I think it's just more impressive. Just to know that I could reduce my bread to a small lump of carbon gives me such a happy feeling... Knowing I'm not going to "max out" my toaster at half burnt, but that someday I could fully commit to burning it to a crisp, well it just gives one something to look forward too.

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