My Obsession with Cars Continues

There’s an experiment I would really like to try. You’d have to start with two identical, brand-new cars. You’d have to drive them both in the same conditions for the same # of miles, which would be pretty hard. With one of the cars, you’d do absolutely everything you’re supposed to do for maintenance, including all the “recommendations” from any shop you go to. With the other car, you’d do what normal people do, which is nothing until something breaks. Then you’d see which car lasts longer.

It wouldn’t be a really valid test unless you had a large number of cars, but I would still like to know if spending the extra $xxx every time anybody looks at my car would be worth it.


Nathan Mulford said…
I wouldn't mind spending the money if on repairing the car if every time something broke on it I could leave a bag of flaming dog poo on the doorstep of the guy I bought the car from.

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