Once a Kid...

Have you ever watched two young children playing in a room? The room can be filled with toys, but eventually one child will pick up a toy, and the other one will suddenly realize that of all the toys in the room, that’s the one that he wants. Then, as soon as one of them wins the ensuing conflict, they both lose interest in that toy anyway.

That’s not an original sentiment. Anyone who has been around children is aware that they do that. But I bet you thought adults had grown out of it. What about the first guy on the block to buy a big expensive car? Well, guy #2 has to go out and buy an even bigger, more expensive car. This one-upping continues until people can’t afford the houses they built, and a mortgage crisis ensues.

There’s a thought to entertain us as we huddle shivering in our cardboard boxes in the coming depression.

By the way, my wife gets credit for coming up with this topic.


Jen said…
Ahh... happy Monday. :)
Nathan Mulford said…
What if your kid likes to play with garbage. What does that say about me?

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