The Price You Will Pay

Yesterday I spontaneously created a new movie ratings system to replace the old 1 through 4 star system (what exactly is a star worth to me?). Here are the ratings: Don’t ever see it; See it on TV later for free; Rent it; See it at the dollar theater; See a matinee; See it for full price. I think this is a much more practical system.

You’re welcome.


Anonymous said…
That's much more useful. It's how I ask people if it's worth finding a sitter to go see a movie. I expect a lot out of movies these days since I have to factor in the trouble and price of finding someone to see Gwen. That's why I've only seen 2 movies in the theater since she was born.
nathan said…
What about all of the fine made for TV movies that are out there such as "Not Without My Baby" and the strait to DVD movies like "Spy Kids 15" How can we rate these great features on your oh so exclusive system.

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