How Meta Can I Get?

To me, blogs seem almost like a new kind of life form. They are like different members of a species, going through similar stages of development, interacting occasionally with one another, and even reproducing in a way.

Think about all the blogs you have read. They start with a post that says something to the effect of, “Here I am, world. I’m starting a blog.” Then there’s the inevitable post(s) about pet peeves and bad drivers. The sad thing is that some blogs die right there, with half a dozen posts, suffering from Sudden Blog Death Syndrome.

Those that survive often develop further into a daily account of life, including pictures of special people and events, or whatever someone felt like pointing a camera at (“Look! It’s a brown dog!”). These are interspersed with book and movie reviews, and observations about the world at large. And the truly special ones get all metaphysical and blog about blogging...


Jen said…
i'm sorry i didn't comment on this before. I had meant to and it was going to be this:

ha ha. this is excellent.

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