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I’m afraid I have to make an addition to the list of foods that should be good but aren’t. Today’s entry is blueberries. Blueberries look good, and they’re good when they’re made into syrup or something (Ooh, and they're great in bagels or muffins), but eating blueberries plain kind of creeps me out. They have that weird little extra skin on one end, and they’re full of seeds. Plus they just don’t taste like much.

And on another note, my wife has been enjoying DVDs of Charles in Charge lately. As a consequence of this, I have the theme song constantly running through my head. One of the lines states that he’s misunderstood. What exactly is it about Charles that is misunderstood? He seems like a pretty straightforward guy to me.

[Note: My wife says that the line is actually "It's understood." So apparently the thing that's actually misunderstood is the line about being understood. I'm not sure that's any better.]


Jen said…
NO. I object!! Blueberries are the unsung heroes of the fruit family. Totally understated and under-appreciated. Their subtly sweet flavor is what makes them so wonderful. The small inconspicuous blueberry. He's not in your face. You have to discover him.
Turbo said…
Blueberries are the most disgusting fruit in the history of the earth. I'm glad somebody else agreed.

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