Dude, Where's My Brain?

There's something that's been bothering me lately. Many of us think that "the world is full of stupid people," as the song goes. We are convinced that the majority of those around us are morons.
And yet, statistically speaking, there is probably an overlap, which means that some of us who think that way are in the stupid majority. I mean, if 60% of people think that 90% of the world is stupid, some of those 60% must be included. Ipso facto.
(I just threw that Latin in there to try to convince myself that I'm not part of the 90%.)


ATH79 said…
I hear that 42.7% of statistics are wrong 67.6% of the time, how does this factor in?
The Kyles said…
ipso facto definitely take you out of the "possibly stupid" category. But I hear it's effects are only temporary...

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