Moments in Life That We All Look Forward to But are Ultimately Kind of Anticlimactic

High school graduation (You either get to look forward to many more years of school, or you can look forward to managing a McDonalds.)

First kiss (The nerves sort of spoil the romance.)

Getting a job (If it was that great, they wouldn’t have to pay you.)

Buying a house (There’s no landlord to fix things, and if you can’t pay your mortgage you’re out on the street.)

What else?


Nathan Mulford said…
First New Car- Its really exciting until you drive away from the dealership and realize that it is now worth $5,000 less that it was ten seconds ago.
The Kyles said…
Jeez, little black rain cloud....
ATH79 said…
Your 21st birthday because you think "yay now I can drink" and then realize that you don't drink.

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