Pictured below is our little garden. We're using a technique called square foot gardening, which lets you pack a lot of veggies (or flowers, if you really want) in a small space. The strings divide it into square feet, so you can better keep track of what you plant and where.

Last night when I went out to water the garden, one of the strings was weighed down under some dirt. I thought that was odd, and as I pulled the string up from the dirt I saw that it was weighed down because a cat had had been digging in my garden. Guess how I knew it was a cat. (Hint: it involves a shovel and a plastic bag.)

Not pictured: cat feces


Jen said…
hey, fertilizer that comes to you...
Stephanie said…
We had the same problem with our flower garden. We sprinkled some cayenne pepper on the dirt and it seemed to do the trick. They don't exactly enjoy licking their paws after walking on cayenne pepper. I don't know if it would affect the way your veggies taste, but it's worth a try. It probably can't affect the taste any more than the cat poo, right?
Jen said…
if anything, it would make it better. I think you've just struck a million dollar idea, stephanie. Pre-seasoning your vegetables.

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