Choose the Form of Your Destructor

Which produces worse results: a singer who tries to launch an acting career (like Mariah Carey), or an actor who tries to launch a singing career (like Steven Seagal)?


Stephanie said…
Well, if it's like Scarlett Johansson then it's way worse for an actor to try to launch a singing career.
Nathan Mulford said…
How about Athletes who act. Or Athletes who sing. Or Musicians/Actors who plays sports and run for political offices. Holy Crap I am scared witless just writing this.
Buckholts said…
I think the abosolute worst would be a person with NO TALENT trying to launch everything: 2 words "Paris Hilton" - has tried her hand at singing, acting, as well as clothing, and perfume.... she is famous for being famous and has no talent in any field. I just don't understand.
Kevin Lloyd said…
I vote for actors who try to sing. Some notable examples: Eddie Murphy singing "Party all the time," Don Johnson singing "Heartbeat," Scarlett Johansson singing Tom Waits cover songs, and I think even Bruce Willis threw his hat in the ring if I am not mistaken. However, my true vote for worst form is any star that uses his/her celebrity to endorse political candidates, I hate that.

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