Zzzzzz Top

I’ve always been a light sleeper. That’s good if your house catches on fire, but not so good if you have lots of noise on your street. Which is a more likely occurrence?

Anyway, over time the conditions that must be met in order for me to sleep have gotten more and more specific. I can now only sleep when I’m on my stomach, at the right side of the bed, with my nose just sticking out over the side (for fresh air). The temperature needs to be 70 or below, I have to have a fan on for noise, and the pillow has to be tucked under my head just so.

I should note that these are only the requirements for me to get to sleep initially at night. When I wake up during the night I don’t always have to be precisely positioned to get back to sleep. But still, it’s a strange thing.

Also, if I take a nap during the day, I can go to sleep on my back, which I simply can’t do at night. And sleep in the afternoon somehow counts double: if I sleep for an hour, it takes me two hours to get to sleep that night.

Am I the only person who has to deal with this kind of thing?


ATH79 said…
It's funny that as I read this the only thing I was thinking is how angry it makes me when my husband naps durring the day. Wow, I really need help. My poor husband.
Jen said…
Uh oh, a picky sleeper. I actually do pretty well in all environments. Well, not ALL, but you know. I don't need white noise, but can sleep with it. I can sleep on basically anything remotely padded. I can't sleep on my stomach but other positions are good. I get plenty of REM cycles but wake up if there's a moderately-loud noise, and can go back to sleep easily, and I have silly dreams. In essence, I am the perfect sleeper.
Jen said…
Oh, but I do talk in my sleep. This may hinder the sleep of someone near me, but it doesn't bother me at all. :)
Joel said…
Well, as long as you're able to sleep...

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