Hi, School

Every week or so, I get an email reminding me about my high school reunion coming up in August. I was excited at the prospect of seeing some old friends again, until I looked at the people who had actually committed to come. It strikes me that there are really only two kinds of people who go to these reunions: those who want to brag about how successful they are, and those who are lonely and desperate and clinging to the hope that they’ll be able to hook up with an equally desperate person attending the reunion.

So I’m becoming less sure of my desire to attend. Should I go?


John said…
Although I'm obviously not going due to distance, even if I was in the same state I would not go. I still associate with 90% of the people that I cared to know in high school. It's nice to catch up briefly, but several hours of five minute conversations with people I didn't even care to know back then? Why?!? Do I hate myself that much?
Jen said…
Just go. It's your 10th. You never have to go to another one ever again and it'll be for one night. Go for the spectacle aspect of it and/or blog fodder. p.s. turns out i am having one afterall--at a restaurant. nice.
Joel said…
It would be easier to go if it wasn't going to cost $100.
Stephanie said…
$100?!! For all that pain and agony?! No way. What a waste of money. Unless, of course, they give you some amazing gift for attending or have awesome entertainment and food. I mean, think of the date you and Katie could go on for that amount of money. Just the two of you, and no awkward conversations with people you don't care about. That would be a pretty sweet date!

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