Big News

Every day I read a news headline that says “Oil Prices Rise…” and then just adds some random words at the end. Today’s headline is “Crude Oil Rises to Record on Speculation Israel May Attack Iran.” Another one I often see is something about the weakening dollar driving up prices or some terrorist attack in Nigeria. I know that when you analyze things it makes perfect sense economically, but the average person just sees some random world event driving prices up. One of these days I’m going to see something like “Butterfly Flaps Wings, Oil Reaches Record Price” or “Saudi King Has Cancer, Raises Price of Crude to Fund Treatment.”

I guess the point is that this is one headline we no longer need, because it's obvious that prices are rising every day. It’s like saying “Turmoil Engulfs Middle East” or “Japan Is Weird.” It’s just not news anymore.


Jen said…
I guess i might have more to say if I actually read the news, ever. But as it is...
Joel said…
I too hate in-depth news. But I do scan the headlines on the internet, which makes it easy to be moderately informed.

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