This morning the shower radio fell right on my Achilles tendon, and now I’m walking funny. Curses! Why did my Achilles heel have to be my Achilles heel?


Stephanie said…
I think the more important question here is what on earth where you doing to make it fall in the first place?
Joel said…
For your information, I was dying off with the towel when an errant elbow knocked it off the wall.
Nathan Mulford said…
The really important question is were you listening to Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath.
Jen said…
dying off with the towel.

Now that is an excellent typo. Especially since you had a wild elbow. What kind of crazy painful death was this?

(you can't go back and fix your mistake!! I already made a comment!)
Joel said…
(Sigh) There's only one thing left for me to do: Shake my fist at the whole lot of you and move on with my life.

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