Separate but Equal

If you think women and men are really the same, please see the following excerpt from a recent chat with my friend Nathan.

Well, we don't all have to have the same thing, do we?
Personally, I prefer grilled California condor.

nathan: I like their eggs.

me: They make great omelets.

nathan: Who doesn't enjoy a good condor omelet?

me: Nobody, that's who.
Condor isn't quite as tender as dodo, though.

nathan: Have you ever had Mastodon before? That's good eatin'.

me: True, if you can get someone to pick out the hairs.

nathan: But if you can get some of that milk, you're set.

me: True dat.
This is a conversation that I can't imagine two women ever having, and it makes me proud to be a man.

nathan: Yes. Grrr.

Can you really see two women having this conversation?

[Ladies, try to find a portion of an online chat that could just as easily be taking place between two men. I will post the winning entry as a rebuttal.]


The Kyles said…
Of course I can see a woman having that conversation. don't be silly.
Joel said…
I'm amazed that women always try to be equal with men when that would really mean they are lowering themselves...
Stephanie said…
Actually, I can only imagine the two of you having that conversation - not anybody else, including other men.

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