Mirror, Mirror

Some time ago I watched a program on PBS that was about what we consider beautiful. It discussed facial symmetry and geometry, and at what age we are at our peak of physical attractiveness.

In the movie The Happening, a teacher tells one of his students that he feels sorry for him because he’s reached the peak of handsomeness while a teenager, and since features such as the nose and ears grow throughout life, he will only get uglier as time goes on.

So here’s today’s quandary: At what age (up to your current age, unless you can see the future) do you feel you have been the most attractive? For myself I would have to say within the last two years. If I look back at pictures of me even five years ago, I think I look like a kid.


Jen said…
Sorry for being a comment nazi Joel.

But, I'd like to answer your question. I agree, I think I look better these days probably than any other age. Well, maybe when i was like 21. That was a good year. Also, I was a pretty cute baby. But I think I looked like a boy from age 3-18.

I personally think men look the most handsome when they're around 40'ish. Which is a bit unfair. But that's ok.

Lastly, I wrote a paper on physical attractiveness and symmetry, but it was for a zoology class and it was on earwigs. Apparently symmetrical forceps make them more attractive to females. So good to know. It was a really, really good paper.
Lizzy said…
I think that I was at my most attractive at 15 or 16. But I have to say that my husband just gets better looking every year and he turns 33 this year.

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