Mental Dental

Last year I had some serious tooth pain and went to the only dentist I could find that was open late. They told me I needed a root canal, but they weren’t on my insurance so I just had them prescribe some pain pills and got it done at another dentist a few days later. I never want back to the original place or had any contact with them.

This morning, approximately 14 months after my first and only visit to this dentist, I simultaneously received a text message and email from their office, telling me I was overdue for a check-up. Which of the following most likely explains this?

a) They are losing patients and want to reach out to everyone who has so much as passed their office and coughed.

b) It’s a mass-mailing that just happened to reach someone who had been to their office before.

c) Computer/human error

d) They sincerely care about my well-being.


Nathan Mulford said…
The last time I got a "follow up note" to visit the dentist it was just a note pinned to the door with a switch blade. So we stopped going to that dentist.

I found out later that he wasn't a dentist at all, he was a drug dealer.
trb48 said…
You forgot one very important option: I bribed them to harass you until you go insane.
ATH79 said…
Well you know it wasn't concern for your well being. It's the dentist. I hate the dentist. They're probably just running out of people to torture.

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