Felis Mortalis

It’s funny how different things will affect us emotionally. I remember that when I was a kid I wouldn’t cry if a relative died, but losing my lunchbox would easily reduce me to tears (those are real examples that John could possibly verify).

I just found out that my parents are going to put the cat to sleep this afternoon. She’s certainly old and feeble enough—she’s 19 and has terrible arthritis. It’s not like I saw her much anyway, since we don’t live there, but it still affects me, like a piece of my childhood will be gone forever. After all, I was 8 when we got her. And it makes me sad that when we take Sam over there, he’ll ask to see the cat and we’ll have to come up with an explanation of where she is, trying not to break a two-year-old’s heart.

Rest in peace, Lightning. (Yes, we had two cats: Thunder and Lightning. It made for some interesting experiences standing at the back fence calling them home. I think our neighbors thought we were practicing some sort of weather-control witchcraft.)


Turbo said…
They're putting Lightening down? That is sad, but understandable. It's always hard when a pet goes, I wonder if you remember how my family responded with Luke. Anyway, despite what anyone says, I know you have a heart, Joel.
Krista said…
It's amazing how much a little bundle of fur can move us to feel. Sorry about Lightening. She was a pretty cat and always fun to tease back in high school. Now your parents need to get a kitten you and Sam can go visit.
Jen said…
I've loved and lost a lot of cats, Joel. I feel your pain. And no i am not a cat lady. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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