If you could be any movie monster, which would you be? There are the huge Cloverfield-type monsters that could lay waste to a whole city, or there are the little monsters that could hide in your house. Would you want to just scare people, make them laugh, or just eat brains?

I suppose if I were to choose from among the classic monsters, I would go with Dracula, since he was a snappy dresser and had that sort of ninja-esque air of mystery about him. But if I could go with any monster in any movie, I’d have to choose Godzilla. He gets to be good sometimes, he gets to be bad sometimes, he has radioactive breath, and he gets to fight other giant monsters and step on people. That’s the life for me.

What about you?


Jen said…
I actually don't want to be a monster. Maybe this is boring but I don't want to be scary and have people fear me. Well, maybe i want some people to fear me. But I just want to be me. Maybe me with superpowers. Now, ask me what kind of X-Man i would be and there I'd have something to say.

(except wait a minute: Predator was bada**)
Joel said…
Maybe I should be asking what movie monster you are the most like. That should get some interesting answers.

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