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Sometime I need to ask a plumber this question: Why are showerheads installed with the assumption that the world is populated by munchkins, Oompa-Loompas, and hobbits?

I am of average height for a male at 5-foot-11, and the pipe coming out of the wall is at eye level for me. Then the pipe bends down, and the showerhead brings the height down even further. If I want to wash my hair by leaning back so I don’t get soap in my eyes, I need Olympic-caliber limbo skills. It really seems like a simple request.


Cindy Beck said…
I think I might have the answer to your question. The shower head is so low because plumbers are actually Oompah-Loompahs in disguise. :)
Joel said…
I suppose not every Oompah-Loompah is cut out for factory life...
Lizzy said…
hahaha. The joys of being 5'6", as is my husband, so neither of us have this problem. In fact the showers seem to be made just for us!
I have always wondered the same thing. One of the bad things about being tall.

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