Trouser Time

I really don’t mind shopping, unlike most men. I like buying clothes for my wife, and I like shopping for myself. The one exception to this is buying pants. And the only reason for that is it’s impossible to find my size. I’m a slim guy, and all the pants I can find are at least 2 inches too big in the waist. I can’t decide if that’s because my size is popular and therefore sells out fast, or if it’s because obesity is the norm in today’s society (I prefer the latter theory, personally, because it’s funnier that way). Maybe I should start a “nice ’n average-sized” store or something.


I wish I had the problem that I couldn't find skinny enough pants...
Jen said…
It's true. Sean is tall and thin and it's hard to find pants for his build. If he finds slim size pants, he's probably in the kids or midget section.
Anonymous said…
You should totally open the store. I know we'd get all of John's clothes there. And I subscribe to the theory that there just aren't many pants made in certain sizes because they think no one can wear them. It was so much easier when John's waist thickened some and he went from a 30x30 to a 32x30.
Jer said…
My problem is the opposite, Joel. Any pants that fit my waist are two inches too long, and I refuse to hem jeans.

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