Sore Drumsticks

So, as previously mentioned, we went down to southern Utah to spend Thanksgiving with my wife’s family. On Thursday morning, I ran the Toquerville Turkey Trot, which was my first ever registered race. I was a little nervous because it was a trail run. Here’s the view from the starting line:

Hmm, uphill in the mud. This could be fun.

Then we descended into a dry river bed.

Ow, my ankles!

Then there was my favorite part. I promise I did not tilt the camera to make this look steeper.

Not pictured: fun

Oh, and we had Thanksgiving dinner and all that.

Comments are much more coordinated and daring than I am. I would have tripped over my own feet and every rock, stick, blade of grass, etc. Way to go!
Jen said…
Yeah, or I would have fake-tripped and been like, oh rats, i tripped again. better take an extra long time to get up and resume before I totally wuss out and die.
The Kyles said…
congrats on your first race!!! trail running is so fun...

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