Spatula City

I'm pretty big on having the right tool for the right job whenever possible. And when cooking, one of the most essential tools is a spatula. But spatulas are almost always too thick, making them hard to slide under food, and the few that are thin enough are floppy and too weak to do the lifting required. We have one that is thin and strong, but it's metal and will scrape our non-stick pans. Is there no happy medium? Has anyone out there found the perfect spatula?


Stephanie said…
Yes. We have the perfect one. It is wide, very thin, strong and not metal. I love it. We use it all the time. I wish I could remember where we got it, but we've had it forever.
Elaine said…
Go to the dollar store and get you a silicone one. I love them! They are strong enough for most jobs, flexible, and they don't melt if you leave them in the frying pan!
Give Katie a hug from Aunt Elaine.
Love to you all! Sorry we couldn't get down to Toquerville when you guys were there.
Jen said…
Try looking everywhere, because I'm pretty sure that's where I've seen them. ;)
Joel said…
That's a good idea, and cheap is always a plus. I'll check it out.
Jer said…
Ikea, baby. I found one that spreads wide instead of being really long, and it can pick up everything.

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