Party Timing

Today is my wife’s birthday. I would think it’s hard to have a birthday right before Christmas (it’s certainly hard for shopping purposes). I prefer to have things spread out over the course of the year so there’s always something to look forward to that isn’t too far away. My birthday is in August, when absolutely nothing else is going on.

What do you think is the best time of year for a birthday?


Lizzy said…
As a kid I think the best time to have a birthday is late spring. That way school is still in, and it's not to close to any major holidays. Christmas totally sucks because no one remembers and everyone gives you "this is your birthday and Christmas" present.
Jen said…
Yeah, in school is better. I would say springtime or the fall. Having a close-to-Halloween birthday would rock.
ATH79 said…
My birthday is coming up on Monday. I like having my birthday this time of year I just always feel horrible that people feel like they need to give me a birthday present and a christmas present. I know they are thinking 'I have to get her something else?'. I have, however, requested that my family go ice skating for my birthday this year. They tend to do what I ask for my birthday because they feel bad about the timing. That's a plus.

I think summer is a good time for a birthday, but who wants to be 9 months pregnant that time of year.
Jen said…
I've decided to break it down, because birthdays are an important thing to me, and because I'm a bit bored.

January-February birthday: The cons are that the bday is close to Christmas. However, this might be good in surviving the after-Christmas blues, especially because there is nothing else to look forward to until April, basically. And if the bday conflicts with Valentine's Day, so what. Who cares about Valentine's day.

March-May: You're not the oldest kid in your class but you're not the youngest either. Spring is a lovely season, and there are no major holidays to steal your thunder. Prime time to have a birthday.

June-August: You're not in school and celebrating in school is always fun (mom brings treats, friends decorate your locker, etc.) However, a summer birthday means you can have a pool party or go to the water park and do many fun things. But, you are the youngest in your class and FINALLY you turn 16.

September-November: A fine time to have a birthday. Depending on when you start school, you are the oldest in your class and I was always jealous of these kids (being a springtime baby). School's started and that's exciting and fall is a super fun season. Also, i think a Halloween bday party would be the best thing ever.

December: Sucks to be you. Worst month ever to have a birthday. :) This is the only month when the holiday is celebrated all month long so anything else is going to get foreshadowed, no matter how much you try. Even for those of us who try to spread our birthday out as long as possible. It is futile. But make people give you a separate present because you deserve it, especially for having been cursed with a December birthday.

And if your birthday is Dec. 31st, no matter what they say, your friends will be throwing you a birthday party that goes along with a New Year's Eve party. You will never get your own separate party unless it's on another day. Extra sucks to be you. ;) Sorry Brooke.

the end.
Joel said…
An excellent and thorough analysis, Jen. I would make one minor annotation. Not having to go to school on your birthday more than counters missing out on the school stuff. In fact, I never had to go to school on my birthday (the one year in college I had summer school, my birthday happened to be on a Saturday), and this is the first year I ever worked on my birthday either.
Jen said…
Wow, overshadowed, i meant. I am having problems lately.
Elaine said…
Please tell Katie that Aunt Elaine says "Happy Belated Birthday".
Give her a big hug for me.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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